Transferring from Primary School

“The school works closely with its partner primary schools in order to provide a variety of transition activities that ensures a smooth transition from Year 6 to Year 7” (Inspection Report 2017)

Moving from primary school to secondary school is an important and significant step for a child to take. The school is aware of this and has developed a programme to try to ensure that each pupil makes the transition with as little anxiety as possible. An open evening is arranged for all families who are considering sending their children to Penweddig. Families are also welcome to contact the school to discuss and obtain additional information on any aspect of Penweddig's provision or to visit the school. During the summer term the Progress Leader responsible for transition from Year 6 to Year 7 together with the Assistant Headteacher with responsibility for Additional Learning Needs will visit each pupil at his/her primary school. Pupils who decide to come to us will be invited to attend a two day course during the summer term in order to get used to the bus arrangements, to get to know other pupils and staff, to familiarise themselves with Penweddig and to ask any questions that they may have about coming to us in September.

Year 7 parents are invited to join us in our assembly on the first morning of the autumn term to share the experience with their child.

During the first term Parents receive a progress report, followed by a Parents’ Evening to discuss the pupil’s progress in the subject areas.

We believe that this transfer process is comprehensive and, judging by comments received from parents, works effectively in ensuring that each pupil settles quickly in their first year at Penweddig.

In addition the school encourages parents to get in touch whenever they want to discuss any aspect of the school's work with us. Parents should feel free to contact us and should not hesitate before doing so. We are very eager to work in close partnership with families.