The School’s Aims

The school's aims are:

  • To provide a comprehensive education for every pupil, giving particular emphasis to the use of the Welsh language and the awareness of a Welsh identity.
  • To help every pupil to develop as a responsible and mature member of society and to exercise self-discipline in work and play.
  • To help every pupil to respect moral and religious values, and to be tolerant of others.
  • To help every pupil to appreciate the traditions and culture of his/her area and country, and to enjoy and understand other cultures and traditions.
  • To help every pupil to develop competencies in language (Welsh, English and others), number, science, physical movement, reasoning and practical dexterity, and to use imagination and creativity.
  • To help every pupil to relate her/his learning and talents to the demands of work, career and leisure in a rapidly changing society.
  • To help every pupil develop an awareness of and respect for the environment in school, the locality and beyond.