Hafan & Encil

Hafan: This is a centrally situated room within the school to where a pupil is referred for emotional and practical support. It aims to support the pupil with aspects of school life which he/she find difficult. A pupil may self refer to Hafan or be referred by a member of staff.

Encil: A pupil is referred to Encil when he/she does not conform to school rules and to internally exclude. In the case of an internal exclusion, parents are contracted to let them know and a record is kept. A pupil may spend up to a maximum of 3 days in internal exclusion.

To ensure a consistency of approach a pupil can only be referred to Encil by the Senior Management Team.

A confidential counselling service is available on the school site two days a week. A pupil may self-refer or an appointment can be made via a member of staff.