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Modern Languages

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Welcome to the Modern Languages Department


Head of Department: Elen Woods                              

Other members of staff: Siân Owen/Andrew Morris/Hou Dougia


Key Stage 3


The Modern Languages ​​Department offers German and French to KS3 pupils. The languages are delivered in mixed-ability lessons and we promote a positive attitude towards languages ​​among the pupils. Our intention is to create a supportive and fun atmosphere within the lessons. Lessons are taught in the target language primarily but the teachers promote the use of other languages ​​to support understanding.

We are keen to develop European citizens who are open to the traditions, culture and society of countries and who are confident in communicating in the target language.

Communication skills and working with others will support pupils as they enter the world of work.


Here are some of the relevant units:




Year 7:

Introducing yourself


Months/days of the week


Family members

Freetime activities

Year 7:


Year 8:

School Life


Past Tense

Healthy Living

Visit Abroad


Year 9:


Talking about the past tense/future tense

The Environment

Future Plans



Key Stage 4: Years 10 & 11


The department offers both German and French to our Year 10 & 11 pupils. Pupils are able to study both languages, or one language. We offer them the opportunity to develop the languages further and prepare them for the following examinations:


Topics:      Personal and Social Life

           The Local Community

                 The World of Work

                 The Wider World

The written and speaking elements are assessed through controlled assessments during the two years and the reading and listening units are examined at the end of the course.

Annogir ein disgyblion abl a thalentog, sydd efallai o gefndir wlad tramor I sefyll arholiadau yn gynnar. Rydym yn barod I drafod achosion unigol yn ôl y galw.


Key Stage5: Years 12 & 13


Cyflwynir cyrsaiu AS a Lefel A yn y ddwy iaith ac mae’n bosib sefyll lefel Sbaeneg yn ôl yr alw.

The intention of the course is to enhance the European awareness ofour students. Opportunities will also arise to explore the spiritual, moral, ethical and cultural dimensions of topics studied and contribute to candidates' environmental education including sustainable development, through the following topics:



Leisure and Lifestyles

The Individual and Society


Environmental Issues

 Social and Political Issues



Assessment methods:


GN1/FN1: Oral Examination

GN2/FN2: Written and listening examination

A level:                

GN3/FN3: Oral Examination

GN4/FN4: Written and listening examination


Language Assistant

We are also very fortunate to have a member of staff from China, who is teaching Chinese to the sixth formers. These language sessions are very popular and offer an insight into a ‘new’ culture.

The Welsh Baccalaureate

Sixth form students also have the opportunity to study another language eg. Sign language, Spanish or Chinese as part of the Bacc qualification. We are also keen to discuss the provision of other languages, in order to offer a broad choice of languages in the sixth form.



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