Ysgol Gyfun Gymunedol



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Penweddig Comprehensive School

Headteacher’s Welcome 

A very warm welcome to Ysgol Gyfun Gymunedol Penweddig‘s website. The school is a Welsh community that ensures that its pupils develop into responsible and active citizens who understand and respect others, whatever their backgrounds. We raise pupils' awareness of the culture, language and history of their area and country. We seek to extend their horizons to see global opportunities and bring ambition to every member of the school community - they are expected to aim high and work steadily towards their goals in order to develop and succeed.

Welsh is the language of the school and the medium of most lessons. Maintaining Welshness within the school, the local community and beyond is central to the work of the school. We work to support all pupils in their pursuit of the highest standards of academic, creative, cultural and vocational achievement. We support the moral, spiritual and physical development of our pupils in school and encourage pupils to contribute to their communities outside of school. All pupils have excellent opportunities to develop the skills and knowledge needed for a successful future. Each pupil is an individual with different aspirations and dreams - our role is to help them realize these.

On these firm foundations, the school prepares its young people for their place in their communities whether they are here in North Ceredigion or elsewhere in the world.

Dr Rhodri Thomas



Penweddig Comprehensive Community School is committed to supporting pupils and adults whatever their background, race or sexuality. We will always endeavour to consider the opinions and wishes of everyone who is part of the school community and will challenge any practices or policies which discriminate between members of the community, challenge any practices which reinforce social stereotypes, or cause offence to any member of the community. We will always do our best as a community to make everyone who is part of the school feel comfortable so that they may get the best out of their education in an open, tolerant and supportive environment.

Changes to the school timetable

The School has changed our timetable so that years 7 and 8 have lunch between 12:00 and 12:50, and years 9-13 have lunch between 12:50-13:40. The advantages of the new arrangement are:

  • Pupils spend less time queuing for lunch;
  • More opportunities for pupils to attend clubs and activities at lunchtime;
  • More periods on the timetable to ensure less clashes for year 12 and 13 lessons.

The timetable has already proven successful and we will be seeking pupils' views on the new arrangement at the end of term to see if we can improve it still further